Steve Maxwell PicLongevity And Strength With Steve Maxwell (31.27)

In this episode of The Garage Warrior Podcast, Tyler interviews Steve Maxwell. Steve is a strength, conditioning, nutrition, martial arts and longevity expert who looks fantastic at 60+ years old. In this episode you will learn:

  • Why Steve AVOID’s Kettlebell Snatches And What You Should DO Instead
  • The TRUTH About Fasting And Why You Shouldn’t Do It For Weight Loss
  • Steve’s Take On The Best Way To Train For Strength With NO RISK For Injury
  • How The Lost Art Of Food Combining Can Help You Stay Leaner And Prevent Almost All Diseases!
  • And More…


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I wanted to help you get your week started off on the right foot which is why I made a very short and simple list of the 7 challenges I have for you this week in order to feel great, increase the speed you are getting results and skyrocket your energy. Let’s dive right in…

CHALLENGE #1 – Walk 20 Minutes Every Day

Sunset WalkI talk about walking all the time. It’s the #1 fat burning exercise EVER, it helps to circulate metabolic waste products through you body faster which means you’ll recover faster, it increases your energy levels, combats anxiety and depression and gives you a chance to get some fresh air and sunshine!

Water Girl

I CHALLENGE YOU to walk 20 minutes every day this week!

CHALLENGE #2 – Drink 64oz Water Every Day

We all know that water is essential for our body to function optimally. Staying hydrates dramatically improves energy levels, focus, decision making skills and can even increase metabolism and reduce food cravings.

I CHALLENGE YOU to drink 64oz of water every day this week!

CHALLENGE #3 – Eat 5 Servings Of Veggies Every Day

I don’t even have to tell you that (because your mama and papa already did) veggies are the staple of a diet that will help you look, feel and perform your best. Eating more veggies can improve digestion, increase energy and reduce cravings for processed carbs and sweets.

I CHALLENGE YOU to eat 5 servings of veggies every day this week!

CHALLENGE #4 – Wake Up And Be Grateful Every Day

Gratitude is the key to transforming your dull, boring life into a life you love to live. The reprogramming of your mind to have an “attitude of gratitude” could be the most powerful thing you could ever do for yourself. Furthermore, research has shown that gratefulness is one of the key factors that determines your longevity. If you wanna live a long happy life, make a habit out of being grateful.

I CHALLENGE YOU to wake up and think about 3 things you are grateful every morning this week!

CHALLENGE #5 – Workout 3 Days This Week

Exercise is essential if you want to look, feel and perform your best. However, sometimes when life gets the best of us, the first thing to go is our workouts. I’m no stranger to this which is why I’m challenging you to commit to working out 3 days this week. No excuses, ok.

I CHALLENGE YOU to workout 3 days this week!

CHALLENGE #6 – Take 2 Cold Showers This Week

Girl in the outdoor showerI’m a huge fan of cold water therapy and the only way to find out why is to rip off the band-aid and find out by cranking the shower to cold :) Seriously though, cold water therapy has changed my life and the lives of many others in The Garage Warrior Community which is why you need to give it a try. Just crank the water to cold for a minimum of 60 seconds at the end of your shower and enjoy the extra energy, lazer like focus and increased metabolism all day.

I CHALLENGE YOU to take 2 cold showers this week!

CHALLENGE #7 – Read Instead Of Watch TV 1 Day This Week

I understand that TV is a huge part of most peoples lives. I get it, I love me some House Of Cards too! The only problem is when it becomes such a big habit that you cannot disconnect from it and watching TV becomes the only thing you do. Instead of watching TV every day this week, I challenge you to NOT watch any TV one day this week and read a book during the evening hours instead. If you do this you’ll see the benefits of “unplugging” immediately.

I CHALLENGE YOU to read instead of watch TV 1 day this week!

Ok, just to recap the 7 challenges I have for you… (PRINT THIS OUT)

1 – I CHALLENGE YOU to walk 20 minutes every day this week!
2 – I CHALLENGE YOU to drink 64oz of water every day this week!
3 – I CHALLENGE YOU to eat 5 servings of veggies every day this week!
4 – CHALLENGE YOU to wake up and think about 3 things you are grateful every morning this week!
5 – I CHALLENGE YOU to workout 3 days this week!
6 – I CHALLENGE YOU to take 2 cold showers this week!
7 – I CHALLENGE YOU to read instead of watch TV 1 day this week!

Remember, it’s subtle habit changes like the 7 challenges above that will make all the difference to you in the long run. Work on making these 7 a habitual part of your daily life and you’ll be on the right track to developing a body that looks, feels and performs it’s best!

If you want 20 more daily habits and lifestyle “hacks” like the ones above, check out the life changing book we released called The 27 Body Transformation Habits YOU Can’t Ignore on the Next Page…

NEXT PAGE => Check Out These 27 LIFE CHANGING Habits Here

Here’s to you taking on these 7 challenges this week!


Happy couple on wedding day. Bride and Groom. Vintage wedding.Ahhh weddings…

The one I went to yesterday reminded me of how excited and sure you feel on your own wedding day. That sense of finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life, raise a family with and ultimately die with. My good friend had that look on his face yesterday and I couldn’t help but get all teary eyed because of how excited I was for him :)

Then… We did what you do at weddings…

Dance the night away!

What a fun experience it was but it rose a question in my mind. Now this may be a touch subject in some peoples minds but I like to share my thoughts with you as we both go through this journey of becoming better together :)

The thought I had that really saddened me was that more then 50% of marriages these days ends up in divorce :( Which means that out of all the weddings you go to this year maybe 2 out of 5 are gonna make it to the end. Pretty sad right?

I got to thinking to myself why this is and I can’t help but think that our society these days lacks something powerful that earlier generations understood much better then us…

What I’m talking about is…

COMMITMENT!The word Commitment

And not flimsy, I’ll commit to it for 30 days commitment but full on until death do us part commitment.

When this thought struck my mind I realized that commitment isn’t only an integral part of marriage, it’s an integral part of you achieving any goal whether it be building more muscle, losing bodyfat, boosting your performance or turning around your health.

To me, what this means is that our general lack of commitment is what’s holding us back, right?

So… What are you to do about it?

Recommit every single day to the things you hold valuable to you. If it’s your marriage, then recommit every day to making it last and making it great. If it’s your fat loss goals that seem to come and go, recommit every single day to yourself that you’ll go through with it!

Regardless of what your goals are, they key to achieving them is COMMITMENT!

Without it, you’ll never have the motivation to stick to it when times are good and you’ll certainly never have the motivation to stick to it when times are bad.

Take a moment right now to think about the goals you have in your life that are the most important to you.Goals 2014

Now… Pull out a pen and write down the 3 most important things to you on a scratch piece of paper or a 3×5 card.

Great! You now have in your possession a daily reminder that you can use to recommit yourself to your goals. Look at it every day, read it out loud and try to feel like my friend did yesterday, excited about the commitment and 100% sure that he is gonna make this work to the end!

Here’s to commitment, re-commitment and reminding yourself to recommit to the things you value most!


It’s fathers day today and I wanted to take this opportunity to write to you about what it means to be a man…

The reason why I wanted to share this with you is because in the last 14 months of being a father I’ve learned so much about myself and my values have changed dramatically.

My First Pic With EllieSince I’ve been a father for 14 months, I decided that I would write down 14 characteristics of what it means to be a man.

Before I dig in, I want you to know from the start that I’m by no means perfect, in fact many of the realizations I’m gonna share with you today are things that I’m still working on.

The best way to use this article is to pick the 1 thing you feel you need the most work on and FOCUS on that. After you’ve turned this lemon into lemonade move on and keep working on being a man.Ellie And Papa Downward Dog

Lets’ get started…

1) Being a man means not being afraid to self reflect on your character.

2) Being a man means you have the courage to tell the truth even when telling a lie would be much easier.

3) Being a man means knowing the right time to solve the problem and the right time to say nothing at all.Me And Ellie Reading

4) Being a man means not being afraid to roll up your sleeves and do what other boys aren’t willing to do.

5) Being a man means learning from your mistakes rather then being brought down by them.

6) Being a man means you have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself.

7) Being a man means having an ego around what you know you are good at. Not being conceited, but being proud of your unique talents and skills.

8) Being a man means having strength of body, mind and spirit.

tyler and ellie9) Being a man means doing the best you can to be an example for your friends and family.

10) Being a man means not being afraid to show your emotions. Especially to those closest to you.

11) Being a man means being willing to admit when you are wrong and if necessary, providing a sincere apology to the ones you hurt.

12) Being a man means accepting others for who they are NOW and not trying to change them to what you think would be better.

13) Being a man means protecting those who are weaker then you physically and mentally. Not through force or anger but through love and compassion.

14) Being a man means being willing to die for what you love and believe in.

Here’s to constantly working on being a better man!



Ido Portal PictureMovement With Ido Portal (31.27)

In this episode of The Garage Warrior Podcast, Tyler interviews Ido Portal. Ido is a movement expert with a very different approach to fitness health and nutrition. In this episode you will learn:

  • Why Focusing On Your Fitness Is The Wrong Approach
  • The TRUTH About Weights Vs. Bodyweight Training
  • Ido’s Personal Perspective On Transferability Of Strength And How This Can Effect Your Workouts
  • How Thinking About Movement Can Change The Way You Workout And Change Your Life!
  • And More…

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the last few years you’ve probably heard of the blockbuster workout program called Old School New Body. It’s the only workout program backed by a leading fitness magazine and it’s been a best seller for 2 years now.

Marilyn Monroe Avid Weight TrainerWhy is Old School New Body getting so much attention? Simple…

Because it works!

But Old School New Body isn’t for everyone, that’s why I created this honest review of the program including what I feel are the positives, the negatives and everything else in between. Before I dig in I wanna make sure you aren’t wasting your time with this so if you fit any of the following criteria, you can stop reading this…


  • You are in your teens or twenties (Ideally you should be 35 or older)
  • You already have a body that looks the way you want it to look
  • You have a successful workout program that only takes up an hour or two of your time each week

If you fit any of the 3 criteria above, stop reading this. But if you’re in your 30′s or later, don’t have the body you want and find yourself feeling like you have to spend your life at the gym to get results, then read on…


The creators of this program John Rowley and Steve Holman (Click Here For An Interview With John Rowley) designed Old School New Body with the over 35 crowd in mind. As I’ll show you in a sec, both of these guys are in great shape and neither is a spring chicken.Vince Gironda Training apollo Creed

John is a good friend of mine and he once told me that, Old School New Body takes the basic principals that old school bodybuilders (the people before steroids) used to get their physiques and condenses it into a 90-minute workout!

This means that the program is easy to use, doesn’t require an exceptional amount of knowledge or “special” coordination and is very appropriate for newbies, people with injuries and people over 35.

The Old School New Body system is broken down into 3 different segments they call Lean, Shape and Build each of which I’ll go into greater detail on in a sec.

Since they divided this system up into 3 different goal categories it allows both men and women to get awesome results with these workouts. Let’s dig a little deeper and go over…


Old School New Body is quite a big program but the focus of the system is what the authors call the FX4 method and the 3 different workout systems that deliver a specific result to the user. Here’s the 3 different workouts and what they do…

THE LEAN WORKOUTS - These were designed to be used all of your life so you can reap the amazing benefits of moderate-poundage, growth- threshold weight training.

It’s also a great program to start a lifting regimen. Once you get rolling, and feel and see the results, you may want to take it to the next level, which is where the Shape Workout comes in.

THE SHAPE WORKOUTS - The Shape program is a bit more extensive, but you still only work out three days a week. The workouts take about an hour or less, but that’s so you can add a bit more shapely muscle to your frame and continue to blast off bodyfat.

You can get incredible results using both the Lean and
Shape workouts—for example, the more abbreviated Lean program in the winter, then ramp up to the Shape Workout in the spring and summer when clothes are skimpier and your body is more “in the public eye.”

THE BUILD WORKOUTS - These workouts are for those who crave a serious muscle-building regimen. It’s for men and women who want a peak physique. Some men can use this program to take it to the extreme—genetics and effort willing—but most trainees will simply add more visible muscle without that overblown look.

It even works great for women where you can use it for a four-week cycle in the summer when you want to push your beach body look that extra few degrees.

But in addition to these 3 different workout segments the system also includes advice on handling:

  • Injuries
  • Pain Relief
  • Diet Fads And Fallacies
  • Faster Fat Loss
  • Faster Muscle Building
  • Building Motivation
  • Health Building
  • Anti Aging
  • Sex And Youthful Vigor
  • And More!

But perhaps the coolest thing that they included in this system was a complete guide to the old school bodybuilder diet which is almost the same as the Paleo diet. Believe it or not but these “old school” guys were using this “new” diet 50+ years ago to get lean and toned. CRAZY, right?

The Old School New Body PackageOk, now that you know what this program is about and what it includes let’s address the elephant in the room…


The easy answer is for me to highlight their credibility by telling you that John is a best selling author, motivational speaker and all around awesome guy and Steve is the over 50 and ever so ripped editor of Iron Man Magazine.

John Rowley And Steve HolmanBut that’s not the direction I’m gonna go with this. Yes John and Steve have great track records and both are awesomely fit for their age but even more then that is how genuine these guys are.

I’ve known John personally for over a year now and I am 100% confident in saying that he is a genuine guy who genuinely cares about helping people get better results using his old school training secrets.

So… I guess you could say you don’t have to trust him if you don’t want to but I would trust John with my life. He’s that great of a guy!

Ok, enough ego boosting for these guys, let’s talk about…


Old School New Body is very well rounded especially when you consider the bonus manuals and interviews that come with the system. Perhaps the one thing I would like to see with this program is some sort of exercise instructional videos.

I’m a huge fan of videos because they really help people learn to exercise with perfect form and unfortunately this system doesn’t have video demonstrations. That being said, the workouts are fairly safe and simple so as long as you follow the instructions in the manual you should be fine.


Ok… Since you’ve read this far, I’ll make it simple…

As I said in the beginning, this program is for people over 35 who want short workouts that reshape their body safely and effectively. It does work and it will likely work for you if you use it.

So… Ask yourself this question?

Do you want to lose fat and gain lean muscle safely in less than 90 minutes per week?

If the answer is YES! Then you have your answer…

IF YES THEN => Grab Yourself A Copy Of Old School New Body


It’s that simple :)

Thanks for reading!



Bruce Krahn PortriatTrouble Spot Training With Bruce Krahn (37.52)

In this episode of The Garage Warrior Podcast, Tyler interviews Bruce Krahn. Bruce is a Canadian Best Selling Author with over 2 decades of experience as a trainer. He specializes in rapid physique transformation and turning your trouble spots into your greatest assets. In this episode you will learn:

  • The #1 Thing You Must Master Before Diet And Exercise (Do THIS Right Or Don’t Get Results)
  • Bruce’s Favorite Fat Loss Exercise EVER (It’s My Favorite Too)
  • The Scientific Way To Transform Your Trouble Spots Into Your Greatest Assets
  • And More…

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David Whitley PictureTaming The Iron With David Whitley (40.00)

In this episode of The Garage Warrior Podcast, Tyler interviews David Whitley. David is a professional strongman who bends steel and tears decks of cards with his bare hands! He’s a well known strength expert and a southern gentlemen :) You are about to learn a LOT about strength both mental and physical. In this episode you will learn:

  • Why People Flock To Lame And Useless Exercise Trends And What Has Stood The Test Of Time And Really Works
  • David’s Personal Secret To Developing Lazer Like Focus And Zen Like Mindfulness
  • The 5 Things We Are All Made Up Of How You Can Strengthen Every One Of Them Synergistically
  • How To Own Who You Are (This Is SOO Important!)
  • And More…

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I have a great article I wanted to share with you today about the The TRUTH About The #1 Fat Loss Exercise in the world. It has some great insights as to why some people don’t get results and also a sample workout for you to use. Enjoy!

The TRUTH About The #1 Fat Loss ExerciseBeeth Mode
Mike Whitfield, Master CTT

Last night, I went “Beast Mode” with my visit to the gym. I did 30 minutes of cardio while watching an episode of “Wheel of Fortune”, followed by some crunches for my abzzz.

Beast Mode <= The above is NOT.

That’s some truth right there. And I have more truth about the single most powerful exercise on the planet…


Worthy of its own paragraph? You bet. Here’s the good news about sprints:

  • Improves your aerobic capacity (ability to use oxygen – so that means things like going up and down stairs becomes easier)
  • Increases Growth Hormone (GH), which is a hormone that burns fat
  • Decreases body fat by 10-20% when used 3 times a week for just 12 weeks
  • Improves insulin sensitivity so you can actually eat MORE carbs and still lose fat

Now the bad news…

Most people do them WRONG.

When it comes to sprint training, you have to approach sprints COMPLETELY different than interval training or finishers.

You see, sprinting is actually going “all out”, leaving NOTHING in your tank. It taxes your nervous and muscular system and uses your stored fat as fuel… when done right. The truth is that most people don’t have the patience to do them right. In fact, this one truth about sprints may surprise you…

You probably aren’t resting enough.

For example, when you run an all-out sprint for 15 seconds, it takes more than just 20 to 30 seconds to recover from such an intense short “burst” of energy output. If you really want to give a sprint your BEST effort, you must give yourself more than the standard “interval” rest period to recover.

A typical interval workout will have you go something like this:
30 seconds “on”, 30 seconds “off”.

That’s fine for intervals, but if you’re doing a true sprint, it should be modified to something like this:
15-second sprint, 1 minute of rest

Why? Because you’ll go 100% the entire 15 seconds because you’ve given yourself enough recovery, that’s why!

Sure, there will be times when you can cut back on the rest but just understand that your sprinting intensity will be cut back as well. If you’re willing to do them right, this is what you can expect…

A study from Colorado State University revealed you burn 200 calories for just 2-1/2 minutes of actual work powered by sprints. The group was given their maintenance diet (in other words, NO restriction of calories) for three days.

After those three days, the participants stayed in a research facility for two days so that they could be analyzed for calories burned using oxygen analyzers and more.

On one of those days, each participant performed sprint intervals totaling 2-1/2 minutes of work with prescribed rest periods. The results showed that they burned an average of an extra 200 calories on the sprint day.


Patience pays off… and now that you understand how sprints work, let’s rock a Sprint Conditioning workout followed by a simple Bodyweight Complex for an evil 1-2 punch.

1) Sprint or Hill Sprint (30 yards), rest 1 minute – Do this 8 times, then…

2) Do the following circuit TWICE, resting only when needed:

  • Pushups (15)
  • Alternating Prisoner Lunge (15/side)
  • Spiderman Climb (15/side)

NOTE: The Spiderman Climb is a great way to improve your core strength and hip mobility in one move. Here’s how to do it:

Spiderman Climb

Now THAT’S beast mode training done right.

Make sprints your wheel of fat-burning fortune <== Ohhh snap! Did you see what I did here?

That’s how I roll and wrap it up.

Sprint yourself leaner and healthier,
Mike Whitfield, Master CTT

=> Learn More About Mike’s Sprint Conditioning System Here

About Mike Whitfield:

Mike Bio PicMike Whitfield is a Master Trainer who has lost 115 pounds, propelling his passion into the fitness industry. He is a contributor to the Men’s Health Big Book of Getting Abs and his work has been seen on the blogs of Men’s Health, the AJC, Turbulence Training and more. Using a realistic approach, Mike has helped thousands of men and women all over the world live a healthier lifestyle.


You’ve heard it probably a hundred times… Sprinting is the best way to burn fat and build metabolic lean muscle at the same time.

This is true, however, the exercise I’m gonna share with you today is for people who can’t sprint or simply don’t wanna sprint…

It’s a variation of the burpee that when done hard can make sprinting look like child’s play :)

Here’s how it works…

Step 1

Squat down and put your hands on the ground the same way you would if you were doing a burpee.

Step 2

Jump your feet back to a pushup or plank position. Stay tight and especially in your core and glutes.

Step 3

Jump your feet back to the start position and without lifting your hands repeat step 2.

Step 4

Go HARD and FAST on this exercise called the Bottom Position Burpee and burn as much fat as you would with a regular sprint.

Here’s a pic to highlight the details of this move…

Bottom Burpees You can do this for intervals after your regular workout for a major burn in your legs, core and arms.

Here’s a progressive series of intervals you can try out (#1 is the easiest and #5 is the hardest)…

  • Ex 1. 5 rounds of 30 seconds work/30 seconds rest
  • Ex 2. 8 rounds of 10 seconds work/10 seconds rest
  • Ex 3. 5 rounds of 40 seconds work/20 seconds rest
  • Ex 4. 8 rounds of 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest
  • Ex 5. 3 rounds of 60 seconds work/30 seconds rest

The reality is you can get the same awesome results as legit sprint training without having to run a single step. You just gotta know the right exercises and the right workouts to use. If your interested in learning more exercises like the one above and how to get the same results as sprint training without having to run a single step then the next page will show you how…

NEXT PAGE => Sprint Your Way To Faster Results

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