Learn Your "Exercise Type" HereTake the 30-second quiz to learn your "Exercise Type" and get results faster!

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Hey There and welcome to GarageWarrior.com!

If you're struggling with how your body looks and feels then you're in the right place!

I built this website for people like you because I used to be confused, frustrated and ready to give up. Let's face it...

Most of the exercises, workouts and diets you see in the mainstream media are WAY TO HARD for normal people! Even worse...

A lot of the exercises you're being told to do right now could actually harm you!

If you're ready for change, then I'm here to help!

The first place to start is by learning the right exercises for your body type.

I spent a lot of time, money and energy making a 30-second quiz you can take right now to help you learn the best exercises for your body.



I'm excited to help you look, feel and perform your best!

Tyler Bramlett
But my friends call me...
The Garage Warrior

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What Exercises Are Right For Your Body Type?

Learn Your "Exercise Type" HereTake the 30-second quiz to learn your "Exercise Type" and get results faster!

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