“She Popped Them Right Into Her Mouth
Without Even Thinking. Then…
She Immediately Regretted It!”

I’ll never forget when she told me this story… It was the EXACT moment I figured out the missing piece of the puzzle that I am gonna teach you today. Here’s the full story…

She walked into my gym, early in the morning with a look of shame on her face. I knew she had done something bad but something about her expression intrigued me. She looked guilty but confused.

I said to her, “Ok… What happened?”

As a seasoned fitness and diet professional, I had spent the last 7 months teaching her how to transform her body through changing her diet and workouts. She wasn’t my first case either… Far from it… In fact, as I’ll prove to you in a sec, I’ve had my hand in over 500 in person body transformations and over 11,000 people depend on me for exercise and nutrition advice through my online communities daily.

But… Her response to my question shook the foundation of all of my expertise as a fitness professional and changed my focus and approach for good. Here’s what she said…

Has this or a similar situation ever happened to you?

Have you ever found yourself doing something unconsciously that you consciously knew you shouldn’t be doing?
What about that feeling you get when you’re trying to make the right food choices but you can’t help but reach for the bad foods even though you know you shouldn’t.
How about those times where you gave up on your workout knowing full well you should exercise but for some unexplained reason you just couldn’t seem to do it?

Don’t lie to yourself and pretend that you’ve never experienced this. We’ve all had moments of “weakness” where bad choices are made in a split second, right? But… As you’ll soon discover… This may not be your fault!!

You see… After hearing the story above, it was like the missing piece of the body transformation puzzle fell into my lap. Until that moment, it had fallen on deaf ears but as the saying goes, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I was ready and this was the sudden realization I had…

“You are the culmination of your habits”

Regardless of what you know is the right thing to do, your daily habits, the things you do without thinking, are what make you who you are today and determine who you will become days, weeks and months from now.

I had to know why this was happening, so I dove head first into the research and found something powerful…

The 1949 Book By Harvard PhD Psychologist
That Changed Everything

“Nerves that fire together, wire together.” This theory, which has since been proven as 100% accurate changed my life! They were first written by Donald Hebb, PhD in his famous 1949 book The Organization Of Behavior.

Hebb, born into a family of medical doctors, originally started out as a teacher, where he became known for his innovative approach to helping troubled students to change by making subtle shifts in their habits and behaviors.

Even though he was met with much success early on in his education career, Hebb soon became fed up with the constraints placed on him from the educational officials. In his own words, he said that he was, “defeated by the rigidity of the curriculum in Quebec’s protestant schools.” Then…

The Tragic Accident
That Shook Donald Hebb
To His Core And Changed The Course Of His Life

On Donald Hebb’s 29th birthday A tragic car accident occurred and Donald’s wife passed away. This accident shook Hebb to his core, made him rethink his role as an educator and changed the course of his life for good.

After that fateful day, Hebb decided to dedicate himself to the study of human behavior and how to change it. Throughout his life, he studied at the best universities including Harvard, University of Chicago and the Montreal Neurological institute and became one of the most sought after researchers in the field of behavioral change. At one point he was even commissioned by the CIA!

Why should you care about
the discovery Donald Hebb made?

Jenny CraigAs I proved to you above, you now know that you are the sum total of your habits, right? Good or bad, these habits that you have cause you to look the way you look, act the way you act and feel the way you feel. Your habits will also dictate who you will become in the coming days, weeks, months and years.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your results, if your body doesn’t quite look the way you want it to look or if you are simply unhappy with where you are at in your life, the reason is because of your habits. What Hebb did, was discover the scientific reason you haven’t been able to make the transformation that you want. But… He also discovered the best way to change your habits and change your life for good!

What Is Hebb’s Secret To
Permanently Changing Your Habits?

Hebb’s work proved without a shadow of a doubt that the more you do something, the easier it is for you to do. What this means is that the older your habits the harder they are to change. But… Before you get upset and think to yourself, “I’ve had some of these habits for a loooong time” read the next paragraph…

I got to thinking about Hebb’s Law and how to use this breakthrough information to help people just like you make a permanent change in their bodies and their lives… After my experience with the client at the beginning of this story, I knew that it isn’t enough to know the right things to do. After all, theres tens of thousands of books on diet and exercise, right? The information is there, but nobody seems to know how to apply it.

This made me realize, if you are simply the total of your habits and your habits are what you’ve conditioned yourself to subconsciously do, then to help people make a real and lasting transformation, I knew I had to set up a system that teaches people how to systematically and consistently rebuild their habits.

How I learned The 27 Most Powerful
Body Transformation Habits
That I’m Gonna Teach You

Tyler BramlettIf you’ve read this far, I might as well introduce myself. My name is Tyler Bramlett and I am a health and fitness expert who has had his hand in over 500 real world transformations. In addition to the personal body transformation coaching I’ve provided within my local community, I have over 11,000 people who depend on me for daily advice through my seminars, articles, blogs, videos and emails.

I do my absolute best to stay at the cutting edge of what works and what doesn’t in the areas of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. And most of all I pride myself in my ability to create, test and perfect easy-to-use systems that teach my clients how to transform their bodies in record time. But… Although the habit rebuilding system I’m gonna share with you is simple to use and extremely effective, it was no easy task to come up with.

You see, I’ve spent the last 39 months designing and testing the best ways to get people to permanently transform their habits. It all started in the summer of 2010 when I decided that I was gonna run my first ever body transformation contest. I enrolled 66 willing participants (lab rats) and got to work setting up a series of lessons that I would teach them, designed to effortlessly and permanently change their habits.

Their results were good, but I wanted GREAT!

I went back to the drawing board and over the next few years, ran many transformation contests. Each time perfecting my system until I had identified the 27 most powerful body transformation habits that when applied guarantee you will transform your body in the shortest amount of time.

Then… The story I’m about to share with you is what finally confirmed that the 27 habits I had identified and the system I had created was ready for the world to use…

The Transformation Story That Touched My Soul

When we started working together, she was overweight, self conscious and feeling defeated. She joined one of my transformation contests and ended up completely transformed her body and her life. Don’t believe me? Here’s her results in her own words…

Her transformation was incredible, but let me finish the story because Mariko had an even more powerful transformation than just the mounds of fat that melted off her body.

You see, about 6 months after Mariko made this amazing transformation, I put on another transformation challenge. When I looked at my sign up sheets, Mariko’s name wasn’t on them. I figured with all of the success she had she would be back on board for another round, right?

So I emailed her and asked her why she wasn’t going to join me for another challenge. Her words melted my heart and made me realize that all of the hard work I put in, all of the study and the long hours away from my wife had finally paid off. This is what she said to me…

“I didn’t join the new challenge because after the last one I just kept going. I feel like I’ve transformed my habits enough that I don’t need another challenge. For the first time in my life, I know what to do to keep my body looking and feeling great!”

And the best part is… Mariko was just one of hundreds of successful transformations that poured in after applying these 27 habits to their lives. Want proof? Here’s just a few of the people who were able to change their habits and transform their bodies by using my strategically designed system…

WARNING: This Is NOT Just Another
Diet And Exercise Book

You and I both know that there are plenty of diet and exercise books on the market. This is NOT one of them! Not even close… Instead this book will teach you the 27 habits that I have identified are the most powerful habits you can form if you want to permanently change your body and life.

In fact, only 4 of the 27 habits have anything to do with diet and exercise. The other 23 are made up of the little know “lifestyle hacks” that boost fat loss, jack up your energy and force you to look, feel and perform your best!

Here’s just a tiny taste of what you will learn in The 27 Body Transformation Habits YOU Can’t Ignore:

Why getting 8 hours of sleep is the wrong habit to shoot for and the science based trick to wake up feeling like a million bucks every single day!
My #1 habit to instantly boost your metabolism, give you insane amounts of energy and reduce blood pressure. (Hint: It’s not diet or exercise)
The common household TOXIN you must AVOID that’s making you fat, sick and tired even though you think it’s good for you.
3 quick and easy ways to add more vegetables into your daily routine.
A simple and effective breathing trick, that shifts your nervous system from “fight or flight” (AKA stressed), to “rest and digest” (AKA relaxed) in a matter of minutes.
Why making sure you eat your favorite comfort foods every single week will help you burn fat faster and prevent you from total diet failure.
The #1 hidden fat burning exercise that you MUST do every day! (It’s not what you think it is)
How the invisible “fat storing frequency” you are constantly surrounded with is silently killing you and the little known quick fix that eliminates it from your body.
An easy to use 1,2 punch that I use daily that will force you to make better decisions and leaves you feeling happy, powerful and purposeful!
Why buying a stranger a cup of coffee will help you burn more fat.

And soo much more!

And the best part is, I’ve taken all 27 of these powerful body transformation habits and put them into an easy to read, easy to apply format that will teach you the EXACT daily, weekly and monthly habits you need to change your body for good! There’s no fluff and no filler whatsoever. Only 27 specific habits that will change your life!

All 27 Habits Are Laid Out For You
In This One Easy-To-Follow Book

When you master even just a handful of 27 life changing habits contained in this manual you will…

Watch the unwanted stubborn body fat you’ve been fighting with, easily melt off your body like a HOT iron on a stick of butter!
Finally regain the feeling of being relaxed, calm, de-stressed and worry free. No more tireless days concerned about your job, friends and family.
Notice yourself effortlessly making great choices again. No more reaching for comfort foods without thinking and say goodbye to skipping your scheduled workout ever again!
Feel like an animal in the gym with mountains of never before realized energy and power at your fingertips!
Boost your immune system to the point where you rarely get sick. So rare in fact that I often get asked whats my secret to such a powerful immune system. (My secret is these 27 habits)
Wake up feeling energetic and experience a sense of health and vitality only reserved for people who know and practice these 27 habits!

And soo much more!

Try It First, THEN Decide…

And as always you have ZERO RISK by trying out this program. That’s because you are backed up by my Industry Standard, QUADRUPLE GUARANTEE!!

If for any reason, The 27 Body Transformation Habits YOU Can’t Ignore doesn’t live up to even just one of the 4 promises above. All you have to do is send me an email within the first 60 days and I will personally and promptly issue a full, no questions asked refund.

This means you can start using and applying this knowledge and see the amazing impact just a few of these habits will have on your body, RISK FREE!

Here’s What You Get With The 27 Habits System…

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Here’s to changing your habits and changing your life!

Tyler J. Bramlett
Author of: The 27 Body Transformation Habits YOU Can’t Ignore