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Why Strengthening Your BOOTY Is The Best Way To Strengthen Your Body

People ask me all the time how I got so strong without really specializing on anything.

They try to blame it on my genetics or some secret book I may have found, but the truth about it is really different.

The real reason why I have gotten so strong at so many things over the years is that I continually train what I like to call my “amplifiers!”

But, what in the heck is an amplifier?

Well, if we look at the music world  for an example, an amplifier is an electronic sound tool that takes difficult-to-hear sounds from an instrument like an organ, the bass, or a guitar easy for people to hear.

It pushes sound through a cable to a speaker, and people can hear the music loudly because of it. If you’ve ever been at a concert, you’ve seen amplifiers, frequently connected to larger speakers if the audience is large enough.

Well, today, I want to let you in on a little secret of mine about how I helped people become strong and ridiculously fit when I was still doing personal training and how I stay strong on my own to this day.

This secret is that every client I ever train worked their glutes hard, and I do the same thing for myself!

Glute Muscles Are Your Body’s Secret Amplifiers!

Just take a look at all great athletes, even the naturally-skinny ones.

What do you notice? You probably take note of how toned and fit most of them are, right?

Well…there’s a reason for this.

Just like the core is the single, most important group of muscles for people to strengthen because it’s the “core” (no pun intended) of all movement, the muscles in your butt provide power and stability to almost any sport or workout activity.

They should NOT be neglected!

Now, I’m not talking about going to the gym and hitting a set of butt blaster drills or an endless count of exercises from some celebrity DVD that you bought.

What I’m talking about is building a good connection with the muscles in your rear end and making sure you know how to use the secret power contained there.

First Off, What Exactly Are Your Glute Muscles?

Your glutes are formally called gluteal muscles, and they are made up of three muscles in your buttocks.

Those muscles are the gluteus maximus, the gluteus minimus, and the gluteus minimus.

Strangely, even though we use these muscles pretty often, they also tend to be really weak in most people when they should be the strongest muscles in your body.

So why do so many people have weak glutes?

First of all your butt muscles should be the strongest muscles in your body. However, for many people, this is simply not true.

On average, about two thirds of all new clients I used to see during our first consultation couldn’t even use their butt muscles!  What I mean by that is they couldn’t consciously fire up their glute muscles.

This is a huge problem!

In fact, take a second right now, and see if you can squeeze your butt muscles while you are sitting right there in your chair or standing. Give it a go. I’ll wait…

Did you succeed? Can you fire your butt muscles?

Ok, maybe you can, so let’s move on to challenge #2.  Can you fire one side without firing the other?

Again, go ahead and give it a go… I’ll wait.

Yes, No?

In either case I challenge you to test 5 of your friends to see if they can just actively squeeze their butt muscles in the same way that I just tested you.

This will allow you to see how deficient many of the gym routines we are told to do are.

So What Do We Do If Our Butt Muscles Don’t Work?

Well, the first thing we have to do is fix them. Afterwards, we will make them really strong!!

Below is a 4-step process to getting back your glutes and making them a powerful ass-set. (Pun totally intended!)

Step 1: Get control of your butt muscles.

Why Strengthening Your BOOTY Is The Best Way To Strengthen Your Body - 1

You can learn how to fire your butt muscles independently by using the exercise shown in the above image.

Lying on your belly, curl your heels until the bottoms of your feet are facing the sky. From there, push two fingers on each of your butt cheeks to act as a feedback to see if your doing it right.

Lift only one foot towards the ceiling to fire only one side (make sure you aren’t firing both sides) then alternate holding for 3-10 seconds each. Progress not by lifting your leg higher but by lifting it lower.

Once you are able to fire your butt muscles in this position without lifting your leg off the ground at all you will have accomplished something. Now we move to standing…

Step 2: Get control of your butt muscles while standing.

Why Strengthening Your BOOTY Is The Best Way To Strengthen Your Body - 2

To start, stand with your body facing a wall a little ways away from the wall. You should be far enough back that, if you lift your knee, it touches the wall.

Now, lift your right leg and press your knee against the wall. From a side angle, your body should be one straight line.

Try to fire your butt muscles and use those fired muscles to push your knee into the wall.

If you’re doing this movement correctly, the first thing that should fatigue should be your rear. If that’s not the case, keep practicing until your gluteal muscles become the main mover.

Hold for 30 or more seconds then alternate sides.

Next, we need to get those muscles firing in a hinged position.

Start by turning so that your body is perpendicular to the wall. Your right shoulder should be closest to it, maybe a foot away from it. Cross your arms and make sure that your feet are directly underneath your hips.

From there, come into a quarter squat then curl your right heel towards your butt.

In that position, you’re going to push your lower leg, from your knee to your foot, towards the wall.

Again, the first thing you should notice is your butt starting to burn. If your quad burns first, you may be squatting too low.

Adjust your position so you don’t fall to the floor, and make sure that your butt muscles are the main things firing.

Once you master these exercises, you can move onto step 3.

Step 3: Get your butt muscles stable.

Why Strengthening Your BOOTY Is The Best Way To Strengthen Your Body - 3

In steps 1 and 2, all you were trying to do is establish a connection with your butt muscles or, as I used to like to tell my clients, “Get your mind in your butt!”

At this point, you need to be able to use it during an actual movement. My favorite way to do this is by teaching people the following drill.

Start by standing on one leg. Then take that leg and bend your heel slightly towards your butt like in the picture above. Drive your heel back a little and hold it until your butt muscles are burning.

Then, slowly move from that position into a tall standing position, similar to when your knee was pushing forward into the wall, earlier.

Hold for 10 seconds then move back to the first position, again holding it until your butt muscles are on fire..

Repeat this exercise until you have mastered it and your glutes are screaming at you to stop.

Once you have mastered this step then you are ready to move to step 4. It’s time to make those butt muscles strong!!

Step 4: Get Strong!!!

Here is a list of my favorite butt muscle exercises that will make your butt strong, powerful and fantastic looking:

  • One Leg Deadlifts
  • Deadlifts
  • Hill or Stair Sprinting
  • Sled Pushing
  • Lunges
  • One Leg Squats
  • Two Leg Squats
  • Swings
  • Cleans
  • Snatches…

…and much more that you can easily find online or from your workout buddies.

Just practice one or two of these exercises, making sure you get strong, keep adding weight, and you will maintain and grow a connection to your all powerful butt muscles!

Let’s Recap What We Covered, Today

To recap what we covered and to give you an action item list to make sure you aren’t neglecting the strongest muscle in your body. Do these 3 things:

1) Test your glutes to see if you have control. If not, go to step 1. If so, go to step 2.

2) Follow steps 1, 2, or 3 until you have complete control of the exercises described in each step. Make sure your butt muscles are the ones fatiguing and not your foot, back or legs.

3) After you have mastered step 3, choose 2 exercises from the list above and start hitting them hard, adding weight as often as possible.  When you plateau or get bored, switch exercises.

And that’s it!

This 4-step routine will give you well-defined, strong butt muscles that allow you to run quickly, move easily, and most importantly, look good naked.  😉


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