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What Makes Garage Warrior Different From Other Health And Fitness Companies?

Every now and then, I get emails, comments on social media, and hard-copy letters asking me about background on Garage Warrior.

There’s SO much disinformation about health, fitness, and sustainable weight loss that it’s incredibly difficult for the average person to gain access to the right information, so people want to know how legitimate we are and what makes us different from all the other health and fitness companies that claim to teach people how to lose weight and get healthy.

People want to know that we aren’t spammy, that we offer high-quality, effective products and services, and that their money is well-invested with us.

And that’s the reason why I am writing to you, today.

This article is going to tell you just about everything you need to know about our company, our history, our ethics, and why we do what we do for you, every day.

The bottom line is that Garage Warrior is a real company with high-quality offerings, and it was borne out of a desire to help people with the same things I struggled with as I was learning how to live more healthily.

We aren’t a company that capitalizes on clickbait or spam.

We are a real company with a heart for people who have been where we were.

What You Might Not Know Is That I Wasn’t Always The Model Of Health

When I was growing up, I was overweight. That’s me in the picture above.

During my younger years, my family and I looked at diet soda as a health food. I love my parents dearly, but they were both overweight and had ineffective ideas about what was good or bad to eat

For the first 15 years of my life, I was on track to be permanently overweight, unhealthy, and deluded about what it took to be as fit as I possibly could be.

By the time I was in my early 20’s, I knew beyond any shadow of doubt that I didn’t want to be chubby for the rest of my life, so I started working out, and I made a real effort (for the first time) to slim down and build muscle.

What Makes Garage Warrior Different - 1

This is how I looked in my teens and early 20’s.

Not only did I want to feel good, but I also wanted to look good.

I started reading self-help books that told me I had the ability to choose who I wanted to become. I took that stuff very seriously.

Before reading books like that and before working out to improve my weight and appearance, I really had no idea that I had a choice. I kind of thought that you got whatever you got in life.

By simply changing my thinking and doing basic exercises, I started getting a little bit of results, and the weight started to come off.

I began to have hope that, when I put on my summer swim trunks, I could look like the guys in the fitness magazines…

…and girls began to pay me a little bit of attention. For a man in his early 20’s, I was living the dream…

…but then, I got hit by a car while riding my bike to work and injured my knee for the first time.

My Knee Injury Is Where The Inspiration For Garage Warrior Began

After my accident, I spent MONTHS in physical therapy and rehabilitation. What I found was that the medical professionals didn’t help me as much as I wanted or needed them to.

No matter how much help I got, I was still in pain and could not put much weight on my knee.

What Makes Garage Warrior Different - 2

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life healing my injured knees.

I had to learn how to rehab it on my own.

A few years after that, I hurt my other knee in a freak gymnastics mishap, but this time, I injured my ACL, MCL, LCL, and meniscus all in one shot. My ACL was completely torn, and recovery was brutal – again.

It was after this period that I started a bootcamp for people trying to lose weight. We had 300 members, and it wasn’t hard at all to have empathy for anyone who was trying their best to lose weight.

After all, I’d been in their position for the majority of my life. Additionally, I’d injured myself and had had to start over with getting back in shape, twice in my lifetime.

The Garage Warrior Difference Is That We’ve Been Exactly Where You Are

My time spent as a personal trainer radically changed my view on training people. Getting injured and rehabbing myself was what allowed me to go into a gym environment and do what my clients might have to do.

I had to learn how to comfortably change movements to keep myself both mentally and physiologically stimulated.

What Makes Garage Warrior Different - 3When I first became a trainer, I thought that I might want to work with athletes, but over the course of time, I realized I was put on earth to help people who are just like my parents.

The older I get, the more clear I am about working with people just like you – regular, everyday people who have a desire to change their lives.

As I built my personal training business, I helped people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s take baby steps to improve their health and fitness. Instead of treating people like a number, I interacted with everyone in a wholistic fashion, taking into account their hormonal concerns, their age, their current or past injuries, and general health challenges.

I still do.

Three years ago, my wife Katie gave birth to our daughter, she had a really difficult time getting her stomach to be as flat as it was prior to pregnancy. She had diastasis recti, and her abdominal muscles simply didn’t want to come back together again.

That experience rounded out everything for the company and gave Garage Warrior a really important piece in understanding core strength and health. Through my wife, I was introduced to Dr. James Vegher.

Together, he and I created 0-6 Pack Abs. It’s one of the first doctor-approved-and-created core strength programs in the health and fitness marketplace, and it has helped a lot of people over the years – without requiring them to become fitness gurus.

Garage Warrior Has Transformed Into Both A Fitness Lifestyle Community And An Educational Platform

What Makes Garage Warrior Different - 4

The overall goal of this website and platform is to help people learn the easy way to look, feel and perform their best regardless of what hurdles they have in front of them.

Even though there is a lot of conflicting information out there, there’s no reason why learning how to exercise and eat right for your body type should be confusing. We empower people to learn the exact steps they need for change.

My team and I have put all the resources you need into one place. See, it’s 100% okay to not have to learn everything yourself. And it’s also alright if you never become a fitness guru.

If you can just eat well and work out a couple times per week, you really can get into the best shape of your life, no matter what kind of health challenges you are facing. My team and I have worked really hard over the years to make it as simple as possible for you…

…and though you definitely have to do the work of exercising and eating right, the work doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to take forever, either.

We Are The Kind Of Company That Puts Its Audience First!

We recently found out that we made the 2016 Inc. 500 list for fastest-growing companies in America (#395), and we got honors for being #23 out of all the Top Consumer Products and Services Companies.

These recognitions solidified to us that our audience-first mindset is working.

Long before Garage Warrior offered any products, we were giving people solid information and advice that they could actually use to improve their lives. I’ve hired great people to help make sure that everything that comes from us is both high-quality and effective for you.

Hopefully, you are able to see that.

Before 2016 ends, we’d like to be a full-service community for you – a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to heal their bodies of joint pain, get a stronger core and flatter stomach, and build muscular strength and/or transform their bodies.

There’s an Irish Proverb that says “When you come to a wall, throw your hat over it, and then go get your hat.” At Garage Warrior, we live by the principle expressed in those words.

We envision and have created a company where anyone can learn how to transform their bodies, one, simple movement at a time, and we work hard to make sure that anyone who throws their “hat” over the “wall” with us will be able to do exactly that.



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