Top 5 Healthy Habits That You NEED If You Work Out

Top 5 Healthy Habits That You NEED If You Work Out

Whether you like it or not, who you are right now is a culmination of the daily, weekly, and monthly habits that you have formed up to this point in your life.

Let me be crystal clear about this so you can get the most out of this article: You are NOT and will never be better than your habits – Period!

If you have bad habits, you will not build the strength, muscle and athletic abilities that meet your true potential.  That’s the bad news.

The good new is that bad habits are easily remedied when you replace them with good ones.

The rest of this article is dedicated to teaching you what I believe are the top 5 healthy habits every athlete needs. If you master this short list of healthy – and somewhat unconventional – habits, you’ll have nothing but gains for the rest of your life!

So, let’s dig right in…

HABIT #1 – Get Enough Sleep!

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If you want to be in the best shape, possible and if you want to get the best results in your workouts, you have GOT to sleep! It resets your hormones, allows your muscles to repair, and it’s critical to helping you give your workouts all you’ve got.

Unfortunately, many of the things you’ve heard about sleep are complete myths. In fact, did you know that sleeping too many hours for your body type can actually make you wake up feeling more tired?

The reason for this is because you’re unique. Everyone doesn’t need the same amount of sleep.

The TRUTH is that human beings have roughly a 90 minute sleep cycle. The average adult between the ages of 25-65 needs 4-6 of these cycles to feel well-rested when they wake up. It’s vital for both healthy brain and optimal body function.

This 90-minute cycle is the reason why people feel like crap if they wake up in the middle of a 90-minute nap.  They are experiencing a thing called sleep inertia.

On the other hand, if you wake up at the end of a cycle, you tend to feel great!

Think about it.

Can you remember a time where you woke up without an alarm and felt amazing and full of energy like you could absolutely dominate your day? Well, this is no doubt that this is because you woke up at the end of your natural sleep cycle.

Take the opposite scenario where you woke up feeling like you had to pry your eyelids open as though they’d been super glued together. This is usually because you woke up in the middle of your sleep cycle.

So what does this mean?

It means that adults should get a bare minimum of 6 hours of sleep every night. Aim for a solid 7.5 hours, and if you really want to optimize your training, try getting 9 hours!

Once you get to the place where you wake up feeling great, you’ve nailed your sleep cycle. Your health, attitude, strength, performance and determination will all be better because of it.

HABIT #2 – Stay Hydrated 100% Of The Time

Top 5 Healthy Habits That You NEED If You Work Out - 2Everyone is looking for the latest greatest supplements, workout routines and diets that will produce the best possible gains; however, do you have any idea how many people forget about mastering the basics?

In fact, if I had a nickel for every person who doesn’t drink enough water, I’d be rich!

So…ask yourself this question, “Do I drink enough water every single day?

If you’re drinking a minimum of half an ounce to a whole ounce of water per pound of body weight every single day then skip this section and go onto habit #3.

If you’re not, then get this into your head right now: a 2% drop in fluid volume in your body can cause a 30% decrease in performance!

Imagine knowing that the reason you only got 7 reps when you wanted 10 is because you decided to skip out on drinking enough water. Does that sound like a good idea to you?

I didn’t think so!

Make the habit of drinking a minimum of half an ounce per pound of body weight every single day, and your performance in your workouts will thank you.

If your having trouble meeting this criteria, try drinking 32 ounces of water first thing in the morning before breakfast. It sounds like a lot, but it’s really not…

…and it can help you in your performance AND aid you in maintaining your weight.

HABIT #3 – Use Cold Therapy

This is probably my personal favorite healthy habit.  I admit that I like to watch people squirm in agony as they consider doing it for the first time. 😀

In my opinion, everyone should be doing some sort of cold water therapy, and here’s why.

  • It increases your blood flow.
  • Cold therapy supercharges your metabolism.
  • It increases your mental toughness.
  • It reduces inflammation and pain.
  • It improves immunity.
  • Cold therapy stimulates weight loss and help with depression.
  • It improves your skin and hair.

You don’t have to get extreme, taking 30 minute ice baths for it to be effective either. In fact, just 2-5 minutes of cold water at the end of your otherwise hot shower can do amazing things for you.

All you have to do is turn the hot water completely off for the last 2-5 minutes of your shower and enjoy the cold. After doing this for a while, I promise you will thank me!

HABIT #4 – Touch The Earth Daily

Top 5 Healthy Habits That You NEED If You Work Out - 3

Alright, here’s where I get to go all hippy dippy on you, but don’t bash it until you’ve tried it, deal?

One of the most interesting things I have learned over the years was the importance of touching the earth.

In fact, did you know that the charge the earth gives off can boost your immune system, reduce inflammation in your body and decrease the amount of harmful electromagnetic fields that are lying dormant in your cells.

This is not some “bro science” BS but rather a cutting edge performance amplifier that you can use to get better results from your workouts. Just check out this quote from Clinton Ober in his groundbreaking book, Earthing:

“The research that followed has produced fascinating evidence demonstrating that Earthing generates a powerful and positive shift in the electrical state of the body and restores natural self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms.

We know that Earthing allows a transfer of electrons (the Earth’s natural, subtle energy) into the body. We know that inflammation is caused by free radicals and that free radicals are neutralized with electrons from any source. Electrons are the source of the neutralizing power of antioxidants.”

What this means to you is that when you make skin contact with the earth, you increase the speed at which you recover, reduce inflammation in the body, and boost your immune system, just by taking a barefooted walk or by standing on the grass without shoes.

Give this a shot for 30 days and notice how you feel.

I’ve had numerous clients report feeling less achy and more energetic just by waking on the earth barefooted for 5-10 minutes a day.

HABIT #5 – Make Sure You Stay On Track

As an athlete, gym goer, or regular exerciser, you probably have goals, right? But, how often do you revisit these goals to make sure you are staying on track?

The reality is you can set a goal of bench pressing 200 pounds for 10 reps, but if all you’ve done are push ups, yoga and some boot camp classes over the course of an entire month, then you will never achieve your goals.

This is why I recommend a monthly audit of your goals where you take the time to examine whether you’ve made progress over the last 30 days.

Identify what is working and what is a total waste of time. Then, just eliminate the time wasters and do more of whatever is working for you.

Most people are lazy, and their goals are just wishful thinking. Since you’ve read this far, I know that this isn’t you.

Examine your goals, and make sure you are on track every single month. If you do that, you will get further than 99.9% of the people in the world. I guarantee it!

Master these 5 habits, and sleep soundly knowing that you are on your way to looking, feeling, and performing your best!

If you want to learn 22 more unconventional habits that will help you get the best results possible then check out my book The 27 Body Transformation Habits YOU Can’t Ignore.



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