Six Exercises You Should Do For A Nice Butt

Six Exercises You Should Do For A Nice Butt

“It’s so nice to have a butt again.”

This is one of those subtle yet surprising things I used to hear when I trained clients one-on-one.

I have a former client who I will call “Ella.” Ella was a client referral who started training with me to strengthen her back, but after a few weeks, she had some other, unintended positive results.

When we first met for our initial consultation, Ella expressed that she only wanted to lose a few pounds and strengthen her back.  She didn’t tell me any specific areas to where she wanted improvement.

All she knew was that she wanted to be stronger and thinner.

So when she said that “butt” comment three weeks into our training, I was totally caught off-guard.

I’d had no idea she had any other pressing, superficial goals. But looking back, I should have guessed it. I mean…who doesn’t want a nicer-looking booty?

Just about everyone I meet wants to lose weight.  Typically, what they want is a flatter stomach, and they also want to tone some soft spots.

But when I hear happy clients say stuff like this, it reminds me how important the glutes are for most people.

Today, You’ll Learn How To Get As Bootylicious As You Want To Be!

Fun fact: Most people who have trouble with overall strength 
also have weak butt muscles and a weak core.

You don’t need a personal trainer to build a nice butt. You can actually do it from the comfort of your home.

Glutes technically are considered part of the core; however, it’s common to say… “your core and glutes needs strengthening.”  In the fitness world, if you’re talking to a professional, it would be kind of like saying your “core and core are weak.”

It can be redundant, depending on who you’re talking to.

But in laymens’ terms, it can also be viewed as transubstantiation – which is a fancy way of saying that you’re using one word to mean another. For example, when someone says your hip flexors are tight it basically means your glutes and core are weak…

Another way to look at your core is if you chop your arms, legs and head off. What’s left would be your core. Your glutes keep your pelvis in a neutral position, which positively influences the lumbar spine.

Now, you can keep the gym membership you currently have and do the exercises I am about to share with you. Just make sure that you have enough space to do them.

Below, are 6 exercises that will tone, lift, and sculpt your backside. In addition to getting stronger glutes, you’ll also find your metabolism increasing. This will help tremendously with weight loss and weight maintenance.

So, do these 6 exercises with the repetitions and sets I recommend, and you’ll be well on your way to the booty of your dreams. I hope you enjoy these!

Butt Exercise #1: Glute Bridges

Six Exercises You Should Do For A Nice Butt - 1

Step 1: You want to lie on your back with your feet flat and your knees bent at a 90 degree angle.

Step 2: Begin to lift your hips off the ground. Make sure you actively contract your butt muscles as you do so.

Step 3: Pause at the top of the movement before slowly lowering yourself back down to the ground.

Things to know: Many clients that I’ve trained will sometimes feel tightness in their lower back when they do this exercise. This means one of two things.

Either you’re not doing it correctly, or you haven’t exercised in a very long time, and there’s normal fatigue happening in other muscles that you also have to use to lift your hips off the floor.

Focus on contracting your glutes before raising your body off the ground. Sometimes the act of just “putting your brain in your butt” will help get the right muscles to working.

Recommendations for sets and repetitions: 10-20 reps and 2-4 sets, depending on your ability and your goals.

Butt Exercise #2: Sumo Squats

Step 1: Position your feet outside your shoulders with your toes pointed outward at a 45 degree angle.

Step 2: Lower your body down into squat. You should go low enough that it looks like you’re sitting in an imaginary chair. Some people like to put a box behind them for reference – the type you use for box jumps.

Step 3: Go as low as you can control, pausing for a second before standing all the way back up. Be sure to keep your back as straight as you can.

Things to know: The biggest key with this exercise is to make sure your feet are planted firmly on the ground. A major mistake is putting too much weight in your heel when descending into the squat. You want to focus on having even weight distributed over your entire foot.

Another thing you’ll want to do is push your big toe on the ground and spread your knees out slightly so that you engage your glutes.

Recommendations for sets and repetitions: 10-25 reps and 2-3 sets, depending o your ability and your goals. If you want to make this exercise more complex, feel free to add weights by holding them in your hands or to your chest.

Butt Exercise #3: Fire Hydrants

Six Exercises You Should Do For A Nice Butt - 2

Step 1: With knees on the ground, place hands flat on the floor, shoulder width apart. This is also known as a quadruped position. You will look like babies do when they are about to start crawling.

Step 2: While keeping your lower back flat, tighten your abs as you lift one leg out to the side.

Step 3: Pause at the top of the movement before lowering your leg back to the starting position.

Things to know: A common mistake with this exercise is excessive spinal movement. So be very careful to engage your core so that you only move at your hip joint and not your lower back. If you do this (or any) exercise incorrectly, you could risk injury over time.

Recommendations for sets and repetitions: 15-30 reps and 2-3 sets, depending o your ability and your goals.

Butt Exercise #4: 1-Leg Squats

Step 1: Balance yourself on one leg. Stick out the other leg and hold it straight.

Step 2: While keeping one leg’s knee straight, use the leg you’re standing on to lower your body downward, pushing your hips back like you’re sitting down in a chair. Again, you can use a box for reference like the one you’d use in a box jumping exercise.

Step 3: Go down as low as you feel you can control, contracting your butt muscles at the bottom of the movement before standing back up again to your starting position.

Things to know:  This exercise will help you to work on your balance and develop your leg muscles.  It fires up the butt muscles in a major way because the deep stabilizers have to work extra hard to both help you keep your balance and support your weight on just one leg.

Just be sure to keep the knee you’re not standing on straight, lining it up with your middle toes. If you need help balancing, it’s okay hold on to something. In fact, if you hold onto something to balance, you will get a much better workout!

Recommendations for sets and repetitions: 10-15 reps 2-3 sets, depending o your ability and your goals.

Butt Exercise #5: 1-Leg Romanian Deadlifts

Six Exercises You Should Do For A Nice Butt - 3

Step 1: Balance yourself on one leg.

Step 2: Reach downwards with one hand towards your toes while keeping your back straight.

Step 3: Bend your knee slightly as you approach the ground with your fingertips.

Step 4: Contract your glutes at the bottom of the movement before standing back up to the starting position.

Things to know: This is a personal favorite of mine. It’s similar to the 1-leg squat, but instead of bending the knee, you hinge more at the hip. Just imagine like you’re reaching over a small fence to pick a pencil off the ground.

Just like with the 1-leg squat, you can hold on to something for extra balance. You can also add weights if you’d like to make it a more challenging exercise.

Recommendations for sets and repetitions: 10-15 reps 2-3 sets, depending o your ability and your goals.

Butt Exercise #6: Step ups

Step 1: Pick your foot off the floor and plant it down on an elevated surface like a box or stair step.

Step 2: Stand up using the elevated leg, driving downward with your heel so that you’re getting up onto the step.

Step 3: Once you get up on the step, bring your other leg alongside, straighten both legs, and contract your glutes forward.

Step 4: Reverse direction to get back to your starting position by stepping backwards slightly with your other foot making contact with the ground, first. The foot you originally elevated should leave the elevate position last.

Things to know: Just like walking up stairs, you simply step up and down. I instruct clients by training one side a time to focus on building tension. Whichever leg you’re working, keep it up and step up and down with the opposite leg.

Recommendations for sets and repetitions: 15-20 reps 2-3 sets, depending on your ability and your goals.

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