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Strengthen Your Spine With Just 3 Exercises

Let’s get our backs looking and feeling as solid as rocks! Only 3 exercises to fortify those back muscles! Follow along, let’s do this! Here we go: – 15 Reps One Leg Sit To Stands – 20 Reps Reverse Plank – 30 Seconds 1/2 Bridge Hold Repeat this for 4 rounds! How was it? Share,…

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Killer Booty Workout Routine

Warrior Workout Challenge Alert! Move that booty! Get ready to flex those glutes muscles, it’s time for a butt workout! Kick some butt: -20 Rep Jump Squats -20 Rep Jump Lunges Repeat this for 5 rounds! How was this workout? Like, Share, and Comment below! Want me to be your personal trainer? CLICK HERE TO…

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Our entire core muscles will be rocked and feeling amazing after this workout! Do the best you can! Put in the work to reach the results you desire! Let’s do this: – 30 Reps Reverse Crunches – 20 Reps Chinees – :20 Sec Straight Leg Lying Twists Repeat this for 4 rounds! How was it?…

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Body Blasting Challenge Workout

Get ready to blast fat away with this high intensity workout! Ready to lose some body fat? Let’s go! Try this workout challenge: – :30 Seconds Low Side Lunges – 16 Reps Sitouts – 15 Reps Plank Up Downs Repeat this for 4 rounds! Let us know how it was! Share, Like And Comment Below!…

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Timed Calorie Burning Workout Routine

It’s time to break a sweat and lose some calories with this fun workout routine I created! Do the best that you can! Come on, let’s go! The exercises: :30 Seconds Jump Squats :20 Seconds Mountain Climbers :30 Seconds Burpees Repeat this for 3 rounds! How was it? Share, Like And Comment Below! Want me…

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Arm Sculpting Warrior Workout Routine

Get ready to tone those arms and get them closer to where you want them to be!! Some of these exercises are timed, so make sure you look at the description! Let’s do this! Here we go: -11 Reps Burpee Walkouts :20 Seconds Superman Planks -12 Reps KickStand Pushups :20 Seconds Push Slides Do this…

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Time to tone our bootys in today’s warrior workout!! Gotta move it to lose it! You won’t get anywhere if you continue to sit on that butt Let’s do this thing! The Booty Exercises for today: – 20 Feet Together Squats – 15 Frog Jumps – 12 Alternating Curtsy Lunges Repeat this for 4 rounds!…

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Perform These 2 Exercises For A Firm Core

Really feel the core working with these two exercises!!! This is going to be a high volume workout, so do the best you can! Stick with me! Let’s do this: -15 Reps V-Ups :30 Seconds Full Plank We are shooting for 5 ROUNDS!! How was it? Like, Share, and Comment below! Want me to be…

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Toned Legs And Arms Workout Routine

Time for a dual workout, targeting the muscles in our arms and legs! This is a really great combination of exercises, so get ready to break a sweat! Ready?: :30 Seconds Two Arm Side Bends -13 Reps One Leg Drinking Bird Right Side -13 Reps One Leg Drinking Bird Left Side -12 Reps Grasshoppers Repeat…

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Explosive Arm Workout Routine

Let’s get that blood flowing through those arm muscles! Stick with me, let’s crush this workout! Okay, here we go: -10 Reps Explosive Push Ups -9 Reps Tabletops -15 Reps Kneeling Slides Repeat this for 3 rounds for time! Let us know how it was! Like, Share, and Comment below! Want me to be your…

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