How To Use Chocolate To Get A Better Brain And Body...

How To Use Chocolate To Get A Healthier Brain And Body…

If you’re a chocolate lover, today’s article might be the best news you’ve read in a while. Let me take a moment and paint this idea in our mind.

Imagine, for a moment, this little boy…

As he walked down the street of his town, he had no idea that that day was going to be his lucky day.  His family didn’t make a lot of money, so his heart almost stopped when he saw something shiny under a sewer grate.

It was a silver coin.

With excitement, he knelt down and reached through the grate. His fingers were just long enough to grab the coin. It was clearly meant for him. And he knew exactly what he was going to do with it.

With his newfound fortune, he walked directly to the candy store, bought a chocolate bar, and tore open the wrapper.

He ate it like it was the last meal he was ever going to have.

“Hey, hey, hey! Take it easy. You’ll get a stomach ache if you swallow it like that,” said the store clerk.

Out of respect, the boy slowed his eating a little and turned to leave. But before he did, he turned back to the clerk.

“I’d like to buy another for my grandfather,” he said.

Chocolate bar in hand, he left the store to find people clamoring on the street. Everyone was talking about the breaking news which was that the last golden ticket had been, in fact, counterfeit.

He thought about the bar he’d just bought for his grandfather, cautious excitement building in his chest. He stepped away from the crowd, reached into his bag and pulled it out.  He wondered…could it be?

He ripped open the package with only one question in his mind.

Do I have the golden ticket?

And as he uncovered the chocolate bar…sure enough, he could see a glint of gold.  It was the luckiest day of his life – and he owed it all to chocolate!

Now I know that this is just a story I pulled from the famous “Willy Wonka” film, however…

Did You Know There’s A “Golden Ticket” In Every Bite Of Dark Chocolate?

How To Use Chocolate To Get A Better Brain And Body - 1

What I mean by this is that the right kinds of chocolate can give you a “golden ticket” of good health. You can improve how well your brain AND body work!

And you can do it with chocolate.

Now, before we get too carried away with excitement, let me take a moment to justify your love for chocolate with a little bit science. See, not all chocolate is created equally.

Of the 12 pounds of chocolate that the average American consumes each year, most of it is in the form of milk chocolate candy. This candy chocolate contains very little of the “good stuff,” and it is loaded with sugar.

In fact, the milk added to milk chocolate can actually interfere with any health benefits you could get from it.

In this article, you’re going to learn what to look for when choosing chocolate because the healthy kind can really be life changing.

It’s Almost Like Magic How Good Dark Chocolate Can Be For Your Brain And Body!

Chocolate is the combination of cocoa, butter and sugar. It’s combined with other ingredients as well to to create a yummy chocolate bar. Cocoa by itself is the non-fat component of finely-ground cocoa beans.

Cocoa is used to make cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is used in both cooking and some very popular drinks like hot chocolate. What you need to know is that the good stuff is in the cocoa.

It contains flavonoids. Flavonoids are found in basically all fruits and vegetables, and they help give them color. They help cells age more slowly (anti-oxidization), they help reduce pain and swelling caused by inflammation, and they even help to boost the immune system.

Flavonoids are powerful!

Another powerful antioxidant found in the right kinds of dark chocolate is resveratrol. Resveratrol has been found to have brain-protecting effects. It crosses the blood-brain barrier and potentially improves the way your brain actually functions.

Do you need to improve your memory? Do you want to solve problems more effectively? Do you need to think faster on your feet?

Eat dark chocolate!

If You Want To Get More Out Of Your Workouts, Dark Chocolate Can Help

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It’s been shown in numerous studies that flavonoids stimulate the lining of your arteries and help it produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes the arteries, improves blood flow, and can even lower your blood pressure.

When you have increased blood flow, you can work out longer and more intensely if you want to.

Two studies in the archives of internal medicine have found that regular cocoa consumption was connected to a 50% drop in heart disease. That’s crazy right?

Quick note to other men: Improved blood flow throughout your body can have a pretty amazing side benefit in your “bedroom workouts,” too. 😉  I’ve read that some doctors have compared the effects of dark chocolate to your favorite sexy pill…but I won’t go there with you, right now.

Just read between the lines…and GO GET SOME DARK CHOCOLATE!

Dark Chocolate Can Give You Increased Endurance And Greater Muscle Mass

Epicatechin is a flavonoid found in dark chocolate, and it has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also thought to protect nerve cells from damage.

More importantly, it helps to improve workouts because it assists in rebuilding muscle after you have exercised.

As a general rule, the higher the cacao content in your chocolate, the better.  All the flavanoids are found in dark chocolate. I personally prefer 70% because anything above 90% is a bit too much for my tastebuds.

Be careful when buying dark chocolate, and make sure that you read the label for the phrase “processed with alkali.” Cocoa that’s been treated this way has undergone a process called “dutching,” and dutching affects how much flavonoid content is left in the final product.

The lighter the alkali processing, the higher your flavonoids will be, and this is a good thing!

How Much Dark Chocolate Can You Eat

How To Use Chocolate To Get A Better Brain And Body - 3Just like with red wine, you don’t want to go overboard because calories still matter.

But most experts agree that the recommended daily dose to get the health benefits is approximately 30g-60g a day. (This translates to 1-2 ounces of chocolate).

Most people aren’t going to do this on a consistent basis, but if you happen to really love chocolate, I hope that this article has helped you to see that guilty pleasure can be a little less guilt-ridden and more health-focused as long as you eat the right kinds of chocolate.

You can eat it plainly in the form of chocolate bars, or you can consume it in the form of a healthy drink.  It’s your choice…but you can most certainly eat chocolate without compromising your fitness goals.


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