How Lemons Help You Lose Weight And Get Healthier!

How Lemons Help You Lose Weight And Get Healthier!

Do you sometimes feel weak and tired?

Are your legs and arms sometimes sore for no, good reason?

Have you ever experienced gum disease, had any wounds that don’t heal quickly, or have you had seasons during the year where you get sick a lot more easily than most other people?

Is your digestion not as great as you want it to be?

Or do you find that your metabolism is getting more sluggish while your waistline is getting a little (or a lot) thicker with each passing year?

If you’re experiencing any of these things, the problem might be that you’re not getting enough citrus in your diet…

…and one of the easy ways to make sure that you’re not deficient would be to just drink a little lemon water, every day.

Lemon Juice Isn’t Just A Bitter Drink; It Used To Be A Miracle Treatment For Sailors

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Way back in 1747, a Scottish Doctor named James Lind experimented with citrus fruits to help relieve the effects of scurvy for sailors and others who had to be on boats for long periods of time.

Back then, the benefits of vitamins were not known. So, Dr. Lind tried various remedies from cider to citrus fruits to vinegar. Only citrus fruits helped the men either recover fully or feel better enough to be able to do some work again.

Dr. Lind retired soon after this experiment, but it was enough for a Naval officer named Alan Gardner to demand that lemons be provided to his men on a 23-week, nonstop voyage to India.  As a result, there wasn’t a major outbreak of scurvy on that trip.

It was the first time that had happened.

As it turns out, though lemon juice was the antidote for scurvy, it actually does a whole lot more than prevent that specific illness.

Lemons also have the power to help with slimming your waistline, boosting your metabolism, purifying your blood, and helping to make sure that your digestion is working smoothly.

Adding Lemon Juice To Your Diet Every Day Can Do Nothing But Good – For Your Health And For Your Waistline!

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Research shows that lemon juice may help prevent weight gain in two, main ways.

  • Lemons have a mild natural diuretic effect. This helps you to reduce bloating by causing your body to naturally get rid of excess water.
  • Lemons also can help to suppress your appetite. Like most fruits, lemons contain pectin, which is a type of fiber. Pectin makes you feel more full after you eat it, which means you won’t feel as snackish so quickly after drinking lemon water with the pulp in it.

When I used to work with weight loss clients one-on-one, if they needed to drop 30 or more pounds, one of the first the first things I asked them to do was to cut out soda.

All by itself, this often resulted in a lot of weight loss; however, that didn’t mean that my clients were able to easily get over their cravings for sugar.

So…I recommended that they drink lemon juice for that. Lemon juice has the ability to smooth out your insulin levels so you digest your food more thoroughly and stop craving things you really don’t need to be eating.

It Doesn’t Take Much Lemon Juice To Improve Your Digestion and Even Lower Your Cholesterol!

Even with all this great information on exactly how good lemons are for you, it’s not easy to know exactly how much lemon water you should be drinking each day.

The truth is that it really doesn’t take much. What I recommend doing is taking half a lemon and squeezing it into a glass of 8-12 ounces of filtered water.

Make sure that you wash the lemon well, first and that you have pulp in the water, too.  That’s where you’ll get your pectin!

That glass of water should be more than enough to give you the benefits you want to experience. Studies have shown that after 4 weeks of drinking lemon water every day, lots of people experience lower cholesterol on top of all the other benefits.

Let me know your results. I’d really love to hear from you and find out how it worked! Also if you found this article helpful, feel free to spread the love and share it on your Facebook wall…

…and if you’re looking for even more clarity on how to be your most healthy and fit, take a look at this quiz we created just for you.

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