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Blast Your Back In Under One Minute

Hit every muscle in your back with this timed routine! Back fat can be a nuisance. Help yourself out by trying this workout! Here we go, let’s do it: :16 sec Alternating One Leg Shoulder Bridge Lifts :18 sec Alternating One Leg Table Tops :20 sec 1/2 Bridge Hold Repeat this for 4 rounds! Hope…

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Get Rid Of Arm Fat With Just 27 Reps

Let’s get rid of the fat and flab in your arms! Only 27 reps per round! I know you can do it! Don’t give up: – 10 Pushups – 9 Plank Up Downs – 8 Burpees Repeat this for 3 rounds for time! How was that one? Share, Like And Comment Below! Want me to…

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Just 2 Exercises For Sexier Sides

Get your obliques looking mighty fine with this routine! Time to work those side muscles! Here’s what I have in store for you: :40 sec Kneeling Side Plank Right :40 sec Kneeling Side Plank Left :20 sec Kneeling Hip Ups Right :20 sec Kneeling Hip Ups Left Repeat this for 3 rounds! How do you…

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Reduce Body Fat With This Workout Challenge

You are really going to feel it with this one! Hope you’re ready to breathe heavy! Here comes the sweat: -10 Burpees -10 V-Ups Repeat this 10 Times! How long did it take? Share, Like And Comment Below… Want me to be your personal trainer? CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

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Buns Of Steel Workout Routine

Get that glutes toned and looking nice with this 40 rep routine! Kick some butt: -10 One Leg Drinking Birds Right -10 One Leg Drinking Birds left -10 Shoulder bridge lifts -10 Alternating Reverse Lunges Repeat this for 3 rounds! Could your butt handle it?! Like, Share, and Comment below! Want me to be your…

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100 Rep Ab Defining Workout Routine

It’s time to tone your core with this 100 Rep Challenge! I know you can do this: -20 Reverse Crunches -20 One Arm Side Bends -20 Kneeling Hip Ups Right -20 Kneeling Hip Ups Left -20 Bicycles How fast could you do all 100 reps? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to…

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90 Sec Workout For A Sturdy Back

Strengthen your back and core muscles with this simple workout! Here we go: :30 sec Shoulder Bridge Hold :15 sec Shoulder Bridge Lifts :30 sec Shoulder Bridge Hold :15 sec Shoulder Bridge Lifts Repeat this for 3 rounds! How does your back feel after that one? Share, Like, And Comment below! Want me to be…

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Only 120 Sec To Shrink Those Love Handles

Be gone, Love Handles! You are not wanted here. Give this your best shot: :30 seconds of Up Down Dogs :30 seconds of Mountain Climbers :30 seconds of Reverse Crunches :30 seconds of Frog Jumps The goal is to repeat this for 5 rounds. Could you do the workout? Share, Like And Comment Below! Want…

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100 Rep Routine For A Slimmer Waist

Fit into your favorite pair of shorts this summer! This one is a little challenging, but I know you can do it! Try this out: -20 Squat Thrusts -20 Mountain Climbers -20 Step Jacks -20 Russian Twists -20 Bear Squats Do your best to repeat this 3 times. How fast did you do it?! Let…

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50 Rep Leg Pumping Routine

Feel your legs and abs churning with this workout! Here’s what I have for you: -5 Couch Split Squats Right Side -20 Bicycles -5 Couch Split Squats Left Side -20 Bicycles Try and repeat this for 5 Rounds for time. How long did it take you to complete the workout? Share, Like And Comment Below……

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