One Leg Workout Routine

We are going to workout our leg muscles, one leg at a time! Alright! Tyler, here, with another warrior workout. These happen to be my favorite leg exercises, and I know that you can do them, too! Follow along with me: -11 Split Squats Right -11 Split Squats Left -12 One Leg Drinking Bird Right…

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38 Rep Sexy Arms Circuit Workout

Let’s tone those arms with this fun arm circuit I created! Get ready to feel the burn in those arm muscles. I know you can do this!!! Let’s get it: – 16 reps Up Down Dogs – 12 reps Push Slides – 10 reps Kneeling Dolphin Pushups Repeat this for 4 rounds for time! Let…

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Three Minute Fat Burning Workout

Keeping it short and sweet with this three minute fat melting routine! Just 2 exercises on this one, but they are sure to make you feel the burn, especially in your core area. Here we go: :30 Seconds Chinees :30 Seconds Slightly Bent Leg Raises Do this for three rounds! Let us know how the…

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Move it To Lose It With These 3 Exercises

Get ready to sweat and lose some fat with these 3 exercises! These exercises require a lot of movement, so get ready to breathe heavy! Let’s get that blood pumping! – 11 Grashoppers – 22 Bicycles – 33 Jumping Jacks Repeat this for three rounds! Remember, form first, intensity second, but let us know how…

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40 Rep Workout For Thinner Arms and A Stronger Core

Another duo workout routine that benefits the abdominal and arm muscles! Here we go, another day, another workout. Keep going, show me what you’re made of! Ready to workout?: -10 Table Tops -10 Reverse Crunches -20 Kickstand Pushups Repeat for 3 rounds for time! Let us know how fast the workout was completed! Share, Like…

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Flabby Legs and Love Handles Reduction Routine

Burn fat in your legs and love handles with this fun and easy workout! This workout focuses on two different parts of the body! Hope you enjoy! Here are the exercises: -10 Split Squats Right -10 Half Hip Ups Right -10 Split Squats Left -10 Half Hip Ups Right Repeat this 5 Times! How long…

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Only 3 Exercises For Sexier Buns

Work that booty! Show me what you got! Your butt will feel good after this one! Bring it: -20 Feet Together Squat -20 Alternating Curtsy Lunge -20 Drop Lunge Repeat this for 3 rounds for time! Let us know how it was! Like, Share, and Comment below! Want me to be your personal trainer? CLICK…

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4 Exercises To Shrink Your Stomach and Waist

Here is another warrior workout, this time targeting fat in the stomach and waist! I know you can do this! Get where you want to be! Get after it: 1:00 minute Kneeling Inchworms 1:00 minute Shoulder Bridge Hold 1:00 minute One Arm Side Bends 1:00 minute Table Tops Repeat 3 rounds for time! Hope it…

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0 Reps To Obliterate Your Core

Rock your entire core with this rep-less routine! It’s going to be a plank set! Get ready: :30 sec Full Plank :30 sec Side Plank Right :30 sec Full Plank :30 sec Side Plank Left Repeat this for 5 rounds! How does your core feel? Share, Like And Comment Below! Want me to be your…

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NO RUNNING Cardio Workout

Get ready to breathe heavy with this no running cardio routine! This will definitely help with reducing body fat! Here comes the sweat: – 20 Mountain Climbers – 20 Bicycles – 5 Inchworms -10 Burpees Repeat this for 3 rounds for time! How fast could you do it? Share, Like And Comment Below! Want me…

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