Get a lean core with this Warrior Challenge Workout! Ready for a challenge that will blast those core muscles?! Don’t give up on this one! Let’s do this! Stay with me: :20 seconds Shoulder Bridge Lifts :30 seconds Side Plank Right :30 seconds Side Plank Left :20 seconds Reverse Plank Repeat this for 5 rounds!!!…

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Work Your Hip Flexors With This 50 Rep Routine

Weak hips? Not a problem! Just got to tighten them up a bit! Luckily, I have a workout for just that! Let’s get our hip abductors really working! In 3, 2, 1, and GO!: -16 Dragon Twists -20 Two Arm Side Bends -14 Kickstand Pushups Repeat this 4 times! Woo! How was that one? Let…

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77 Reps For Extreme Weight Loss

This workout will seriously help burn unwanted fat off the ENTIRE BODY!! Let’s nail this warrior workout! Get after it! Here we go: -26 Jump Squats -25 Burpees -26 Chinees Repeat this 2 times! How long did it take? Share, Like And Comment Below! Want me to be your personal trainer? CLICK HERE TO LEARN…

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120 Reps For Smaller Thighs and Stronger Calves

Tyler, here, with the Warrior Workout of the day! Today, we are going to be working our thighs and calves! Let’s get those legs pumping! Get ready, because here we go: -15 Sit To Hops -50 Jumping jacks -15 Sumo Squats -50 Jumping Jacks Do this for 4 rounds! Let me know the time! How…

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26 Rep Workout For Building Up Arm Muscle

Get those arms more firm and slender with this arm building workout! Tyler, here! I have another warrior workout, so get ready! No backing down, feel it in those arms! For this workout, we are going to do: -11 Dive Bomber Pushups -15 Burpee Walkouts Let’s do this for 3 rounds for time! Let us…

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40 Rep FULL BODY Workout Routine

Get that ENTIRE BODY working and feeling pumped with this routine. We are going to do 3 different exercises, and each one targets a different muscle group, all while burning body fat. Let’s get right to it! Try this out: -10 Sit to Hops -10 Plank Up Downs -20 Burpee Walkouts Repeat this 5 times,…

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How To Maintain Perfect Form – Bicycles Exercise

I have prepared some helpful form and technique reminders for Bicycles! Follow along to these form cues, and be reassured that the exercise is being done the correct way – working all the targeted muscles properly for the BEST results. Looking for a challenge? Try doing 20 Bicycles for 5 rounds, with a 15 second…

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People Working Out Via The Warrior Way!!!

A BIG “THANKS!” to the people who submitted these user videos!!! Check out these three warriors, working out to our provided content on the Warrior Way. The beautiful thing about these workouts, is that they can be done anytime, anywhere. No gym necessary. Don’t miss out on these full workouts! Get in shape, today! Want…

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Today I am sharing some more Warrior Way content!!! Check this out! Along with full workout routines, I also provide step by step instructional videos on how to actually do these exercises. It is very important to make sure these exercises are performed correctly with right form, so they can work the muscles properly and…

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DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS!!! Warrior Way Content Alert! I am providing a small snippet of what I am really proud to share on the Warrior Way community at Garage Warrior. This is 1 round of one of my FULL workouts. Follow along with me as I do the exercises, let’s train together and…

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