17 Reasons You Should Drink More Water

17 Reasons You Need To Drink More Water

Today, I want to tell you why you should be drinking more water and how it will improve your health…but first a little story about a former client’s mom. If this doesn’t make you go get a glass of water, nothing will.

Lily’s mom was in her mid-80’s and was having to deal with a bout of urinary tract infection again 🙁

Wait…UTI, is that TMI?

It was the second time it had happened in a month.

Now, Lily is a nurse and, as loving daughters often do, she was very concerned about her mom’s health.  She used to tell me how difficult it was to get her mom to simply drink water.

Just as Lily was a stubborn child growing up, the roles seemed to have reversed, and it was almost like Lily was the parent.

Mom just kept forgetting to drink water.

Most People Have All Kinds Of Reasons Why They Don’t Drink Enough Water

In time, I learned the reason why Lily’s mom didn’t want to drink water. Ultimately, it was because it would make her have to go to the bathroom.

And going to the bathroom required her to get up from her comfortable recliner chair.

It took her away from her precious television.

But most of all, it made her body hurt to walk; she had a lot of joint pain.

I felt pretty badly for Lily’s mom because of that joint pain.  But the problem with not moving is that if you stop moving, you’re creating a whole host of other problems in your body.

A lack of physical activity ALWAYS creates a never-ending cycle of other health issues from inflexibility to a weak heart, and very poor muscle tone.

That kind of got me to this point, today, where I am going to share all the good things that water can help with.  After all…water is critical to living a healthy life. Your body absolutely CANNOT function without it!

After all, you can’t survive for more than a few days without it. It literally is the “nectar of life.” Without further ado…

…Here Are 17 Reasons Why You REALLY Should Drink More Water

17 Reasons You Should Drink More Water - 1

1 – Drinking Water Can Reduce Joint Pain

Water cushions and lubricates your joints. When you’re dehydrated you’ll tend to feel a lot more achy than you do if you drink enough water every day.

Sometimes the best fix for joint pain is simply to drink more water.

2 – Drinking Water Can Help You Be Smarter And Think Faster

Did you know your brain shrinks when it’s dehydrated? Yep. It’s true…and there’s no way in the world that that can be good for your thought processes.

I know people who have hiked the Grand Canyon in the middle of the summer, and they definitely talk and think a lot more slowly when they haven’t had enough water to drink in all that heat.  It’s a well-documented fact that people have slower mental processes when they haven’t had enough water.

3 – Drinking Enough Water Gives You More Energy

Your body requires you to use more energy when you’re dehydrated. More effort is required for everything when your water intake is low. It can feel like you’re moving through mud when you’re low on water

So keep your water intake up so you’re not needlessly fatigued during the times you most need energy.

4 – Water Keeps Your Body Cool

Drinking enough water helps your body regulate its temperature. Additionally, on hot days, you can add ice to your water to cool you down even more.

Conversely, on cold days, you can drink water that’s as warm as you can stand it to get yourself back to a comfortable temperature.

5 – Lack Of Water Can Create Dry, Itchy Eyes

I know people who always seem to have dry, itchy eyes.  I recommend that they increase their water intake, and their dry, itchy eyes magically go away.

Unless you have a health condition that prevents this simple remedy from helping you, drinking enough water every day will keeps your eyes moist. Dry, red itchy eyes are never fun.

6 – A Properly Hydrated Body Healthier Body Absorbs Vitamins And Minerals

Water is essential because it transports nutrition to your cells when you eat food. And if you happen to take a vitamin and mineral supplement, water ensures that that the vitamins and minerals actually get where they need to go.

7 – Your Emotional Issues Are Multiplied When You Don’t Drink Enough Water

You can find that you can concentrate less effectively when you’re dehydrated. As a result, you won’t be able to complete tasks as easily as you normally would – which leads to frustration. Over time, this leads to sadness that you “perceive” things to be more difficult than they actually are.

Drink water. Stay happier.

8 – Drinking Water Helps With Weight Loss

People feel the same way when they are hungry, thirsty, and tired.  It’s difficult for the body to tell the difference in the early stages of all three states. So…it’s good to drink water when you first feel hungry. If the feeling of hunger goes away, you’ll know you solved your problem.

If you always go get something to eat every time you think you’re hungry, you’ll frustrate yourself and sabotage your weight loss or weight maintenance goals.

Additionally, if you drink water first thing in the morning when you wake, and just before each meal, you’ll find that you eat less. Much of the time, cravings are a result of being thirsty. The next time you get the munchies, drink a tall glass of water first and see if that prevents you from snacking on unnecessary calories.

9 – Drinking Water Can Prevent And Alleviate Headaches

A recent study published in the Handbook of Clinical Neurology showed that those suffering from migraines tend to be more sensitive to dehydration.

Additionally, one of the signs of dehydration is a headache.  The next time your head hurts, try drinking 8 ounces of water and see if it goes away.

10 – Staying Hydrated Takes The Edge Off Of Hangovers

Most people like to have a drink every now and then.If you have an unfortunate night where you drink a bit too much, just drink water. Alcohol tends to dehydrate the body, and drinking water can take the edge off of hangover and any associated headache that comes with it.

11- Drinking Enough Water Helps Your Heart Stay Healthy

When you’re well hydrated, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood around your body. As a matter of fact, when you don’t have enough water, your heart is one of the first parts of your body to not function as well.

It won’t beat properly (this is called arrhythmia), and it gets weaker and weaker without enough water to sustain its proper functioning.

12 – Adequate Water Consumption Can Help Loosen Chest Congestion

When you have a cold or chest congestion, usually, your breathing is tight and constricted. All by itself, water won’t cure a cold, but what it can do is thin out congestion in your chest.

Add some vitamin C to this, and you’ll really give yourself a healthy boost.

13 – Lessen Your Risk Of Certain Types Of Cancer

Various research says staying hydrated can reduce risk of colon cancer by 45%, and bladder cancer by 50%.

There’s a possibility that you can also possibly reduce your risk of getting risk of breast cancer, too, but more research needs to be done on this.  Regardless, the less water you drink, the more you raise the risk of getting certain types of cancer.

14 – Drinking Water Helps You Flush Out Toxins And Other Harmful Substances From Your Body

If you drink more water, you can more easily flush out bacteria from your kidneys. You also give your liver more power to sweep toxins from your body and purify your blood.

15 – Drinking Water Can Really Make Your Skin Glow

Your skin is 64 percent water. Dehydration can, make your skin look thin and fine lines are more likely to show, as well. When you drink enough water, not only do the lines have capacity to fill out more easily, but your skin can better process oils that might clog your pores and contribute to blemishes.

16 – Help Your Muscles Work Effectively By Drinking Enough Water

80% of your muscles is water. Without water, muscles won’t function optimally. This could even lead to nasty muscle cramps.

17 – UTI Prevention

This brings me right back to where I started with the story of my former client’s mom.  If you drink water , you can not only keep urinary tract infections at bay, but you can also make sure that your entire digestive system works the way that it should. It’s so easy and simple, drink more water.

Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. Please feel free to share it on social media and recommend it to your friends!



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