13 Hardest Bodyweight Exercises Ever!

I was working out today when I got inspired to make a list of what I believe are the hardest bodyweight exercises EVER!

Take a gander through this list and if I missed anything, or if you agree/disagree please let me know in the comments below.

Hardest Bodyweight Exercise EVER #1
The One Arm Handstand

This may seem impossible to most of you but getting as close to a one arm handstand as you can should be a goal of yours if you ever want to be a bodyweight master.

This doesn’t mean you need to focus on the one arm handstand exclusively but rather that you should get a perfect handstand then start working into doing fingertip holds on the other hand under control until one day with enough persistence you get your first one armed handstand.

But make no mistake, this tops the list for a good reason. A coach I worked with on my hand balancing once said to me, “are you patient? Because if you are you will get it, but if you aren’t you might as well walk away right now.”

Hardest Bodyweight Exercise EVER #2
The One Arm Pullup

There has never been an exercise I wanted to be able to do so bad!! At 6’1″ and usually 205lbs I am at a disadvantage for getting my first one arm pull-up.

I however haven’t given up and steadily year after year have worked up to being able to doing pull-ups with 125lbs and holding 90 degree positions with just one arm.

I suspect that within the next 2 years I will be the proud owner of a one arm pull-up. How about you?

Hardest Bodyweight Exercise EVER #3
The Front Lever

Ahh the front lever, another gem that has eluded me for several years. It is one of the greatest displays of abdominal strength out there and everyone should work towards it!

The key is to go for exercises that you can do like hanging leg raises and tuck levers. from there you can build up to more advanced exercises that will set you on the right path to a front lever.

Hardest Bodyweight Exercise EVER #4
The Shrimp Squat

The Shrimp Squat is a little known lower body exercise that takes it’s place as the most difficult lower body bodyweight exercise I have ever found!

If you are able to instantly do a shrimp squat while holding your back leg with both hands consider yourself unique. The amount of strength and flexibility necessary is massive!!

Hardest Bodyweight Exercise EVER #5
The V Sit

This has long been my favorite abdominal exercise mostly because of the picture below. Seeing bruce lee when i was in high school was humbling and made me really want to do this exercise.

The good news is that the V Sit is relatively easy compared to the rest of these provided you have the dynamic flexibility to get into position. I still have a long way to go to make it look perfect but as of right now I can get to about here before I fall down.

Hardest Bodyweight Exercise EVER #6
The Back Walkover

This is a funny exercise because you can go to any gymnastic facility in the us and see little 4 year old girls doing these effortlessly. It takes a tremendous amount of flexibility balance and coordination and this is why it dawns the list.

Take your time when working on the back walkover but realize that with the right progression it’s a really attainable exercise.

Hardest Bodyweight Exercise EVER #7
The Pistol

Ok, so I had to give you one easy one. The truth is that a bodyweight pistol, although a hard exercise for most people is easily the most achievable on this entire list for most people.

I routinely see people go from a lousy 2 leg squat to a full range one leg squat within 3-6 months of proper training. The trick is identifying if flexibility is the problem or strength. If your ankles are tight kiss you pistol goodbye and likewise if your but doesn’t fire properly say goodbye.

Hardest Bodyweight Exercise EVER #8
The One Arm One Leg Pushup

I first learned this exercise from Pavel Tsatsouline in 2004 and since then I thought it was one of the coolest displays of contralateral abdominal strength and upper body strength I have ever seen.

Working up top a legit one arm pushup can be tough and using the right tactics is critical!

Hardest Bodyweight Exercise EVER #9
A Legit Strict Muscle Up

With the advent of such popular fitness trends such as crossfit more and more people are learning the muscle up. The problem is that they are hanging their hat on the explosive kipping muscle up and not taking the time to learn the STRICT muscle up.

The difference in difficulty from a kipping muscle up to a STRICT muscle up is immense. Learning to move slowly through the transition can be frustrating but being the proud owner of a strict muscle up will be well worth the time and effort you put into it.

Hardest Bodyweight Exercise EVER #10
The Human Flag

I love the way this exercise looks. Although I am not able to do this exercise YET… I have always loved the aesthetics of how this move looks. Little by little and you too can get it.

Hardest Bodyweight Exercise EVER #11
The Planche Pushup

Ohhhhh Baby!! The planche pushup seems to make people defy gravity. It is easily one of the coolest exercises out there for your upper body.

With the growing popularity of youtube ghetto park workouts I suspect that the planche pushup will be common place in many gyms in the near future. And why the heck not? Build jacked pecs and powerful arms as well as impress the girls… Sign Me Up!!

Hardest Bodyweight Exercise EVER #12
Press To Handstand

For years I have been working on variations of the press to handstand. The tougher I have ever seen is from a prone position.

In fact old time strongman Sig Klein was able to do it with a dumbbell on his back!!

For us mere mortals, accomplishing a straddle press to handstand should be enough to impress most people around you and build massive amounts of core strength, balance and coordination at the same time.

Hardest Bodyweight Exercise EVER #13
Standing Back Flip

This had to go on the list because of how cool it is when someone can just hit a standing backflip any time any where.

Plus it is a great way to not only work on your agility but to build explosive power in your abs.

Ok there you go… 13 of the hardest bodyweight exercises EVER! Which ones will you work towards?